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released June 19, 2014



all rights reserved


CREEPER Southampton, UK


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Track Name: We Had a Pact
The sky was hung with brazen stars, like Christmas lights on trees.
You hung out too till the morning came, till the sun fell in on me.
All of our highs can't erase our lows in these darkening days.

Ferris wheels and night time bars, we live on separate times.
Our peers around us grew up so dull, that we left our lives behind.
The weight of your crystal heart. The train ride that sets us apart.

And I held you for a moment lost, "like tears in the rain".
You slept upon the sofa, and I never slept again.
(I'm tired)

You're making out in your fathers car, we're making out i'm fine.
I saw you out at the show last night I just ignore you all the time.
Mary look what they've done to me.
This world has turned on me and now I drink the life I taste.

The cracks in the walls disappear.
The days turn to weeks, turn to years.

Well my mind goes blank and my eyes roll back, when i'm sober I don't know what to say.
I'll text you miserable things when I'm out drinking and then lay cringing all the following day.
I want to disappear when we end up hear, conversation just becomes such an ache.
We're only vulnerable to those who approach us until they realise there's no heart to break.
Track Name: Gloom
There's all these vacant eyes in the club tonight, we look a lot more human here.
You know I loved you once for a couple months, you were just to drunk to care.

They only want you when you're gone. Of all the truths, the hardest one.
(So I don't try it's easier, for when you call not to answer)

But I learnt a lot of life, from watching what we had die.

I held you like you were a kitchen knife, now I don't hold you at all.
Under the sapphire light of this lonely night, I dance along, don't feel much no more.

You make it harder just to sleep, with all the secrets you don't keep.
(So I don't try it's easier, for when you call not to answer)

Did you see the stars shine above you?
Did he hold your hand like I used to?
I know that in this world there are two types of people- The ones you walk away from, the ones that you'll give in to.
Identify and exorcise,
Track Name: VCR
So many of my nights end up the same way, so fucked up I can't tell that there are parallels in our voids. I'm just immersed in mine so well.
Am I handsome when I fuck up? and are you pretty when you lie?

Heartlessly I hope, that I don't meet you in the morning, that i don't see you out tonight.
That by the time i next hear 'Rumours' (Fleetwood) I don't think of you at all.

You are the clock on my VCR keeping me up at night, the tiny light won't fade.
Days pass, nights introspection lasts.
And if you long for light, what's worse for you than me?

Sat in seclusion now night after night.
Recall the moment, I recall the sight.
I sing in spite.

I wonder would you stop me if you saw me?
Or would we pretend our eyes miss?
Wordless communication graces older relationships.
There's a distance in between us, sometimes I bask in it.

Heartlessly I hope. No I don't meet you in the morning. No I don't stay out long tonight.

Do the things I assign worth to really mean a thing at all?
Track Name: Into the Black
I hear you're doing better now since the night one year ago.
A Christmas present; a last resort.
So much of me on show.

I fell for you like a falling plane with a captain who accepts his fate.
The call he won't make to his wife, "don't remember me so drained of life".

This is the end, I regret. Because the ties that bind us there bend but don't break. Understand, what's in your hand is a goodbye too sad to send.
So sleep in spite, breaks my heart that you were right.

I braved the night, I heard your news.
Guess what you never own is the worst to lose?
A feeling I've not held since June.
I don't remember you this grey and blue.

No more will I lie waiting, praying for clarity to fill your mind.
Commiserating, embracing what dies in us while we are still alive.
And you were right.
Track Name: Novena
Humble moon, what now do I do?
A restaurants' plastic glass, at house party with your hip flask.
Has he kept you precious like a locket?
The pale night alive.
Through your jeans tight, cigarette box outline in your pocket.

We're in the bathroom and you perch on the sink.
I begin to infatuate, exasperate, resuscitate.
By day the cat sleeps, but at night how he moans through the windows perspex.
We sit and talk about sex because it's all we have in common, don't you know.

And it's youth, ever fading youth.
Would you have lived differently if you had known this life was on loan?

I recall the blue first night I met you, and gaze through the passing time.
Your hair was henna and wine.
The contrast in what I dream and reality.
Took you back from the club while your friends all did drugs, we never spoke about love, just mortality.

All of these nights you just trawl the same streets.
Tell the same stories, you count the heart beats.
Obsess with the death of the miracle days.